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Skin Testing for Allergies

Skin testing for allergies

Dr. Iraklis C. Livas is a board-certified and fellowship-trained specialist who offers advanced allergy tests to help identify the allergen(s) that are causing your allergic reaction(s). Allergy tests are conducted after a full medical history and exam have been completed. In addition, Dr. Livas will ask about your symptoms and lifestyle (work, diet and recreation habits) as they may indicate possible exposure to certain allergens that are causing you problems. Dr. Livas performs the scratch test, intradermal test and patch test; he will recommend the most appropriate test(s) based on your individual symptoms.

Office skin testing

Dr. Livas' in-office skin tests can accurately diagnose allergic asthma, insect sting allergies, airborne allergies (pollen, dust mites, animal dander), latex allergy, dermatitis (eczema) and food allergies. Skin testing involves exposing the skin to allergens and then watching for signs of an allergic reaction. If the skin at the test site becomes red, itchy or swollen, the test is considered positive for that particular allergen. Several allergens can be tested simultaneously to determine those that are suspected of causing symptoms.

Same-day test results

Dr. Livas provides the results of scratch tests and intradermal tests during the same office visit; the results of patch tests are available within 48 hours. Your test results play a key role in the development of your individualized treatment plan.

For more information about allergy testing or to schedule your personal appointment, call (800) 640-0246 or (859) 277-3114 today. Dr. Livas' friendly staff will schedule your appointment at one of his eight convenient office locations.